NEW FOR 2010-11: we're going digital in Uganda!

In a new initiative called E-Luminate, we'll be building our first e-learning center at Vienna Junior Day and Boarding School: a newly renovated room equipped with a computer, projector, and stereo system! U.S. schools will be able to send nonfiction digital materials as PDFs, PowerPoints, Microsoft Word & Publisher documents, video, audio, and various other file types. You can make books as you have in the past, but instead of printing and shipping them to us, just send us the digital files (you can scan or photograph hand-made books). The participation fee will be $200 which will go towards ioptionx construction, equipment and maintenance of the e-learning center (and not to private shipping companies). We will no longer be shipping books or supplies.

ADVANTAGES: No printing or domestic shipping costs for you, no online shipping form or customs inventory, real infrastructure upgrades and audio/visual learning resources for our Ugandan schools (but no more need for book storage), and much more earth friendly.

Deadlines for 2010-11 will be March 15 for your individual item for feedback and June 20 for all other materials on CD or DVD.

"We read to know we are not alone."
- C.S. Lewis